Happy Chinese Lantern Festival! March 05 2018

The 15th day after Chinese New Year is Chinese Lantern Festival, on this last day celebration of Chinese New Year, Chinese families are gathered together to enjoy sticky rice ball soup which symbolises the sweetness and happiness within the family. Also the family is always stick around to each other and live happily every year. After the dinner, people are all out to enjoy colourful lantern and guess puzzles on the lantern. It's always a great family time. 

Four Sisters Tea is also celebrating this beautiful season with our special make black tea sticky rice ball and everyone loves it! 


Oolong Tea Workshop @ Raw Wing Chun January 27 2018

Kong Fu and then tea, great combination!

Thanks everyone for coming and I'm glad to hear you all enjoyed it, we will have another one very soon!~ 


Outdoor Tea Appreciated Party - Pictures January 15 2018

Thank you everyone for coming to our Saturday Out Door Tea Appreciation party. Even though the day was super hot, the wind was strong, we had so many people joined us. Drink great tea with harbour view was amazing experience for all. Let's do it again soon!~

Out door Tea Appreciation Party! January 05 2018


Hello and Happy New Year!

Four Sisters Tea is inviting you to the Outdoor Tea Appreciation Party!~

Super excited! See you tomorrow!:):)



*Free Entry*

When: Saturday 6th Jan 2018

Start time: 2pm

Where: Clarkes Point Reserve

Address: Woolwich Road, Sydney

Tea: Various Top Quality Oolong Tea from UNESCO Wuyi mountain, Fujian

Please RSVP by 2nd Jan 2018 , HURRY! Limited places available! (Fully Booked! Reservation is now CLOSE!)


You are invited to this global event across 30 cities in China (including Fuzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi’an, Qingdao, Taipei, Nanjing, Hangzhou) and 7 other countries including Australia, Singapore, and Japan. Every city will be holding this event on the same date to celebrate and kick start the Chinese New Year!

Tea. A single leaf, simple but yet so magical, has been consumed for thousands of years by humans throughout history and many generations. It is part of our daily life, but also combines with art and wisdom, and is appreciated by people from many different countries and cultures.

Today, let’s get together to appreciate the top quality Oolong Tea from one of the most famous Oolong Tea regions, Wuyi Mountian Fujian! Through this cup of tea, we get together to connect and share our best wishes for our new year.



Tea Introduction Workshop @ Raw Wing Chun January 05 2018

Everyone is done so well and we had so much fun! Can't wait for next one!~ 


Chinese Culture Exhibition December 21 2017

It's been a great pleasure to present Chinese Tea Ceremony at Chinese Culture Exhibition.

TEA JOURNEYS November 21 2017

Please check out Macquarie Community College's blog about TEA JOURNEYS.

Tea is universally appreciated, whether with milk and sugar in the UK, with mint leaves in Morocco, with yak’s milk and salt in Tibet, with sugar and ice in the United States, with tapioca pearls in Taiwan, with spices or herbs like chai in India or masala in south Asia, or with ceremonial elegance in China.


But which country has the longest standing tea tradition? According to legend, the mythical forefather of the Yan and Yellow dynasties Chinese Emperor Shennong from 2737 BC was born with a crystal stomach. The story goes that he would observe his visceral organs reacting to different herbs so that he could distinguish the functions of each plant. Upon encountering toxins, he depended on tea for detoxification and this is the earliest record of tea in Chinese civilisation. Emperor Shannong is also credited for teaching agricultural methods, inventing farming tools, and discovering cereal and herbal medicines.


Today, tea is considered one of the seven Chinese necessities (necessi-teas!), and is drunk throughout the day. In 2010, Chinese people consumed 1.1 billion kilograms of tea, while British people drank 130 million kilograms. There are over 800 varieties of tea in China and, not surprisingly for a country so ‘consumed’ with tea, the rituals around drinking it have taken on special meaning.


“When the tea master arrived, adorned in her traditional Chinese clothing, we took our seats eagerly, waiting in anticipation. The tea master first explained the various utensils she would use. She allowed us to smell the first tea before she began the process of brewing. One of the first things you realise during the ceremony is how symbolic everything is, from the process of brewing, how you hold the cup, to the way the tea master uses the utensils. It’s these details that make this whole process special.” [ebeijing]


Chinese tea culture is all about setting the scene, aesthetics and the senses — the subtleties of flavour and aroma, the depth of colour and transparency of the tea, taking part in ceremony. A simple but memorable experience, it captures the imagination and leaves a lasting impression.


At Macquarie, you can take a course in Chinese Tea Appreciation - Introduction, or Chinese Tea Culture and Tea Appreciation. You will be transported back to the story of tea, where it is from, how it is picked and processed and the uniqueness of each tea — white, yellow, oolong, black, pure tea. You’ll learn about its health benefits, how best to store it, different brewing methods, how to judge tea, how to set up a traditional tea table, and which tea wares are best.


When you take part in a tea ceremony, you will see that everything has meaning — the way the tea is prepared, the fluidity of movement when it is served, and the way it is delivered to you.


“In my three hour course, people have a lovely cultural experience and learn so much more about their passion — tea,” says Macquarie trainer Hailan Lin, who also owns her own tea studio.


For a truly authentic experience, call 1300 845 888 or register on the course page today.



It's summer! It's Green tea time!~ October 28 2017

Hot day? What's your mood of tea-day? Green tea day! Green tea is well know for its health benefit. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body.This includes improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other incredible benefits.Most of all, it has strong cooling effect to the body even when you drink a hot cup of green tea!

Today we are having three types of green tea. From left to right: Mt Fangjin jade buds, Songxi xiuya , Songxi Xiang Cha (Songxi Aromatic Tea) 



Chinese Tea Culture Exhibition October 16 2017

Those beautiful moments...

Chinese Tea Culture Exhibition is finished. It's great to see all participants were happy and enjoy the time with us. Seize the moment! For more images please click the following link:

We are also making video for it, please be patient, it's on the way  ^-^......

Slowly we have a cup of tea - A beautiful poem wrote by my friend Jing Gandy August 17 2017

After a lovely tea time with my friend Jing, she wrote me this sweet email and told me she never had this much tea in her life and she would definitely have more tea from now on, at the same time she wrote this beautiful poem which I couldn't resist to share with everyone, with her permission of course. :))


Slowly we have a cup of tea

-        by Jing Gandy (丁冬)


Are you free?

Free from all the troubles that never end,

Just come and sit face to face or side by side.

It doesn't matter,

Slowly we have a cup of tea.


Forget the tears of your eyes from last night,

Just watch the birds flying high and free,

Feel the breeze from the ocean and the warmth from the sun.

I won't say a word but smile and be your company,

Slowly we have a cup of tea.


Never mind what has happened before,

Just listen to the rustling of tree leaves,

Smell the fragrance of roses' virgin bloom,

No need to explain,

Slowly we have a cup of tea.


Honestly, are you free?

Free from the time that will never stop,

Just come and sit hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder

It doesn't matter,

Slowly we have a cup of tea 

A Chinese Tea Culture Day for Kids June 29 2017

To teach so many kids at the same time and from different age is quite a bit of challenge. A class was planned for 45 minutes but kids all enjoyed so... much and I ended up teaching for 2 hours!

Kids were very active answering all my questions and I was so surprised to see they actually learnt much quicker than adults.

They are full of imagination and so keen to learn more. I have to say I truely enjoyed teaching these kids. The class totally changed their understanding about tea and it's a surprise but not a total surprise that they told me they didn't like tea much but now they love drinking tea! :)



Chinese Tea Culture And Tea Appreciation Course Term 2,2017 June 29 2017

It's a great honour to teach at Macquarie Community College, I'm so glad to see all the students making tea with so much confidence now. Students told me how much they learnt and enjoyed the class which made me really happy. I'm so proud of you all, you all have done well! 

The class is just a key to open the door to the journey of the magic leaf. This is the end of the class but it's only the beginning of your tea journey. Hope you all enjoy the tea time more, with friends or family, share the spirits of slow tea... slow life...


Tea Zen @ Nan Tian Temple March 13 2017

It's absolutely great honour to represent you the Tea Zen. I'm so glad to hear you all enjoyed the Tea moments with me. The tea helps calming, relaxing . The tea ultimately works as media and bridge to help you connect your inner spiritual needs and makes you feel peaceful and balanced. 

Enrol now!~ Four Sisters Tea is now teaching @ Macquarie Community College. March 13 2017



Hi all, Good news! For those who want to join my tea classes but have a bit hassle of getting to my workshop, I'm now teaching in Macquarie Community College at Chatswood every Saturday morning 9:30am - 12:30pm. It is a good time to enrol now or join the waiting list. To find out more information about the course, please click the link below, looking forward to see you there!



Art of Tea Exhibition- 17-26 Sep 2016 September 21 2016

Hi everyone,

It was great to see so many people turned up on our opening day on 17th Sep. :))

For those who missed out our opening, the exhibition is still on until 26th Sep. Feel free to come to Chinese Cultural Centre to check us out! 

Photos to follow in next few days.

Art Of Tea exhibition is on now... September 20 2016

* Please find us on Willoughby Council Magazine --"Emerge Festival!*


 10am - 4pm daily (except 18th, 25th Sunday)

*17.09 10:30am opening reception and Tea Ceremony 

Add: Chinese Cultural Centre

Ground Floor, Tower B, Citadel Towers

799 Pacific Hwy, Chatswood



Looking for a break, a change, a fun and relaxing thing to do?

You would come to the Art of Tea exhibition. You’ll love it, people just do!

Just a short walk from Chatswood train station, you will find this little place hiding all the treasures that will open your mind, body and soul.

Enjoy a sparkling spectacle of  art fusion inspired by Chinese philosophy Wu Xing, Tea Ceremony and Chinese music live performances.

The upcoming event will feature the fusion of contemporary and traditional, along with eastern and western culture. It will be combined with a tea ceremony presented by Four Sisters Tea, Silk painting by Violetta Kurbanova, Abstract painting by Marie Antuanelle. Live music played by Melissa Zhao, who will play contemporary music with a traditional Chinese instrument, the Guzheng. The event will showcase the 15 types of rare loose-leaf teas, tea wares made by bamboo, porcelain, ceramic, wood, brass and recycled local materials.

it’s GOLD or INK?

EAST and WEST unite!

WHEN: Tantalize your senses on opening reception @10:30am.Saturday 17September. 



Enquiries: 0416 268 684 



Tea Culture Exhibition - Let's share a cuppa for Chinese New Year Festival! February 23 2015

The Four Sisters had the pleasure to be invited by the Willoughby council to hold the exhibition as part of the Willoughby Chinese New Year Festival.

This exhibition features the fusion of contemporary and traditional, along with eastern and western culture. It combines a Chinese tea ceremony presented by Four Sisters, with live traditional music, and demonstrations of calligraphy, drawing and brush painting by local artists. 


Please click below links for more details.


We are very pleased to see so many people came along to share a cup of tea with us. On 21st of Feb 2015, after the massive Chinese New Year Festival opening ceremony, ( Did you watch the Dragon and Lion Dance? It was great!) the Councillor Gail Giles-Gidney together with the treasure Joe Hockey and The Deputy Consul-General Xuejun Tong came to the Art Space to share the tea culture with us. Everyone put a big smile and hands together when Joe had a go making authentic Kong Fu tea. ^^ 

Stay tuned... The event pictures will follow. 





Chinese Tea Culture Exhibition September 29 2014

Slow tea, slow life


Chinese Tea Culture Exhibition is finished. It's great to see all participants were happy and enjoy the time with us. Seize the moment! For more images please click the following link:

We are also making video for it, please be patient, it's on the way  ^-^......