Art Of Tea exhibition is on now... September 20 2016

* Please find us on Willoughby Council Magazine --"Emerge Festival!*


 10am - 4pm daily (except 18th, 25th Sunday)

*17.09 10:30am opening reception and Tea Ceremony 

Add: Chinese Cultural Centre

Ground Floor, Tower B, Citadel Towers

799 Pacific Hwy, Chatswood



Looking for a break, a change, a fun and relaxing thing to do?

You would come to the Art of Tea exhibition. You’ll love it, people just do!

Just a short walk from Chatswood train station, you will find this little place hiding all the treasures that will open your mind, body and soul.

Enjoy a sparkling spectacle of  art fusion inspired by Chinese philosophy Wu Xing, Tea Ceremony and Chinese music live performances.

The upcoming event will feature the fusion of contemporary and traditional, along with eastern and western culture. It will be combined with a tea ceremony presented by Four Sisters Tea, Silk painting by Violetta Kurbanova, Abstract painting by Marie Antuanelle. Live music played by Melissa Zhao, who will play contemporary music with a traditional Chinese instrument, the Guzheng. The event will showcase the 15 types of rare loose-leaf teas, tea wares made by bamboo, porcelain, ceramic, wood, brass and recycled local materials.

it’s GOLD or INK?

EAST and WEST unite!

WHEN: Tantalize your senses on opening reception @10:30am.Saturday 17September. 



Enquiries: 0416 268 684