A Chinese Tea Culture Day for Kids June 29 2017

To teach so many kids at the same time and from different age is quite a bit of challenge. A class was planned for 45 minutes but kids all enjoyed so... much and I ended up teaching for 2 hours!

Kids were very active answering all my questions and I was so surprised to see they actually learnt much quicker than adults.

They are full of imagination and so keen to learn more. I have to say I truely enjoyed teaching these kids. The class totally changed their understanding about tea and it's a surprise but not a total surprise that they told me they didn't like tea much but now they love drinking tea! :)



Tea Culture Exhibition - Let's share a cuppa for Chinese New Year Festival! February 23 2015

The Four Sisters had the pleasure to be invited by the Willoughby council to hold the exhibition as part of the Willoughby Chinese New Year Festival.

This exhibition features the fusion of contemporary and traditional, along with eastern and western culture. It combines a Chinese tea ceremony presented by Four Sisters, with live traditional music, and demonstrations of calligraphy, drawing and brush painting by local artists. 


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We are very pleased to see so many people came along to share a cup of tea with us. On 21st of Feb 2015, after the massive Chinese New Year Festival opening ceremony, ( Did you watch the Dragon and Lion Dance? It was great!) the Councillor Gail Giles-Gidney together with the treasure Joe Hockey and The Deputy Consul-General Xuejun Tong came to the Art Space to share the tea culture with us. Everyone put a big smile and hands together when Joe had a go making authentic Kong Fu tea. ^^ 

Stay tuned... The event pictures will follow.