Out door Tea Appreciation Party! January 05 2018


Hello and Happy New Year!

Four Sisters Tea is inviting you to the Outdoor Tea Appreciation Party!~

Super excited! See you tomorrow!:):)



*Free Entry*

When: Saturday 6th Jan 2018

Start time: 2pm

Where: Clarkes Point Reserve

Address: Woolwich Road, Sydney

Tea: Various Top Quality Oolong Tea from UNESCO Wuyi mountain, Fujian

Please RSVP by 2nd Jan 2018 , HURRY! Limited places available! (Fully Booked! Reservation is now CLOSE!)


You are invited to this global event across 30 cities in China (including Fuzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi’an, Qingdao, Taipei, Nanjing, Hangzhou) and 7 other countries including Australia, Singapore, and Japan. Every city will be holding this event on the same date to celebrate and kick start the Chinese New Year!

Tea. A single leaf, simple but yet so magical, has been consumed for thousands of years by humans throughout history and many generations. It is part of our daily life, but also combines with art and wisdom, and is appreciated by people from many different countries and cultures.

Today, let’s get together to appreciate the top quality Oolong Tea from one of the most famous Oolong Tea regions, Wuyi Mountian Fujian! Through this cup of tea, we get together to connect and share our best wishes for our new year.