Chinese Tea Culture and Tea Appreciation-Advanced Course 12 hours - Sydney



This course is designed for more systematic way of understanding and learning everything about tea!

Do you love tea but don’t know where to start with? Do you know which tea to choose to suit your healthy benefit and nice to be drank every day? Do you want to gain the knowledge and skill to brew a perfect cup of tea that suits your taste buds? No matter what kind of needs and questions you have about tea, here is the course for you. In this course you will be completely immersed in a unique and fun environment of learning and training, along with real-life practice sessions preparing and appreciating 15-20 different types of high quality premium tea.


Course outline: (Theory Plus Practical in each sections)


Each type of tea section you will learn: the history, plantation area, healthy benefits, tea processing cycle. How to brew white/green/yellow/oolong/black/pu’er tea, how to appreciate and judge it, how to store it. In addition, practical section to brew, judge & appreciate tea.

  1. Brief history of tea; different categories of teas; tea wares; and different brewing methods. Everything about White Tea
  2. Everything about Yellow Tea, Green Tea
  3. Everything about Oolong Tea
  4. Everything about Black Tea & Pu’er Tea
  5. Tea table set up and decoration, creative ideas about making your own tea table setup & tea wares, tea ceremony
  6. Graduation exam and tea ceremony


Course outcome:

It is intended that by the end of the course students will have very good understanding about tea healthy benefits and will be able to differentiate and recognize different types of tea, tea wares and according to their own needs to choose the right tea & tea wares to brew and appreciate perfect cuppa.

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